1. Repairs Available
    • Porcelain Pieces
    • Mechanisms
    • Tapes
    • Battery Contacts
  2. Disassembly
    • Remove all moving parts
    • Remove all screws and metal bits
    • Disconnect Any lights
    • Remove Player from Porcelain
  3. Delivery
    • Pack player well to avoid damage
    • Ship to JAG Hobbies
      • 4155 S. Township Road 159
      • Tiffin, Ohio 44883

    List of available repairs:

    Porcelain Part Replacement.


      1. Remove All Moving Parts.
        • Parts such as the upper body and feet may be screwed on.
          • Check for screws before removing parts, most moving parts are a snap fit.
        • Heads and hands are typically pressed on.
          • If there are no screws, the parts can be pulled directly from the music box.
        • If in doubt, please contact us to assist with disassembly.
        • (DO NOT FORCE PARTS)
      2. Wrapping the base in a towel is sometimes best to avoid chipping any parts.
      3. Removing the porcelain from the music box.
        • Remove the 4 screws and wedges at the bottom of the music box.